Reading Prep
Arrange a study session to read the chapter
with a classmate. After you read each
section independently, stop and tell each
other what you think the main points are
in the section. Continue with each section
until you finish the chapter.
After reading this chapter,
you will be able to
prepare and store beverages, snacks,
one-dish meals, and sandwiches.
pack meals-to-go that are tasty,
nutritious, and safe to eat.
choose nutritious meals when eating
meals out.
New Terms
one-dish meals: meals prepared in one
dish or pan that include foods from several
food groups.
tip: a sum of money given to restaurant
staff to show thanks for good service.
Study the Key Terms by
completing crossword
puzzles, matching
exercises, and e-flash
cards at the website.
When When
You’re on You’re on
the Go the Go
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