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Reading Prep
Take two-column notes as you read the
chapter. Fold a piece of notebook paper
in half lengthwise. On the left side, write
main ideas. On the right side, write
subtopics and detailed information. After
reading the chapter, use the notes as a
study guide. Fold the paper in half so you
only see the main ideas. Quiz yourself on
the details and subtopics.
After reading this chapter,
you will be able to
describe the Dietary Guidelines for
Americans and explain how you can
use them to improve your diet.
describe MyPlate.
explain the food groups and the
nutrients they contain.
rate your diet using the Dietary
Guidelines for Americans and
plan meals using the Dietary
Guidelines for Americans and
New Terms
Dietary Guidelines for Americans: a
set of recommendations that can help
you choose a nutritious diet.
nutrient-dense foods: foods that
provide a large amount of vitamins and
minerals compared to the calories.
empty-calorie foods: foods that provide
small amounts of vitamins and minerals
per calorie.
MyPlate: a tool that displays key parts of
a nutritious diet.
Study the Key Terms by
completing crossword
puzzles, matching
exercises, and e-flash
cards at the website.
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