7. Which of the following switches will not illuminate a
dashboard light?
(A) Pressure differential switch.
(B) Brake fluid level switch.
(C) Brake light switch.
(D) None of the above.
8. All of the following statements about brake lines and
hoses are true, EXCEPT:
(A) brake lines are double-walled and single flared.
(B) steel lines are often coated to reduce corrosion
(C) brake hoses are combinations of rubber and
(D) brake hose ends are solidly mounted.
9. Brake fittings are threaded connectors sometimes
made of ______.
(A) copper
(B) aluminum
(C) phenolic plastic
(D) None of the above.
10. A banjo fitting is a special type of ______.
(A) double-lap flare
(B) ISO flare
(C) tubing nut
(D) brake fitting
Chapter 9 Hydraulic Valves, Switches, Lines, and Hoses 163
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