11. Technician A says that a rough cut should be used to
remove a small amount of metal from the rotor.
Technician B says that a rough cut should not be used
to make a final finish on the rotor surface. Who is
(A) A only.
(B) B only.
(C) Both A & B
(D) Neither A nor B.
12. The cutting depth is set by the ______.
(A) cutter feed
(B) speed feed
(C) numbered collar
(D) cutting bits
13. Hot spots are caused by __________ overheating.
(A) brake
(B) lathe
(C) grinder
(D) swirl grinder
14. The swirl grinder puts a non-directional finish on the
__________ surface.
(A) pad lining
(B) rotor
(C) hub
(D) Both A & B.
15. When would the technician want to use an on-car
rotor lathe?
(A) When the rotors are too hot to remove.
(B) When the bench lathe is being used.
(C) When the rotors are pressed to the CV shaft.
(D) On a non-drive axle only.
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