117 Chapter 5 Federal Reserve System Careers in Finance Banking and Related Services What Does a Bank Examiner Do? A bank examiner reviews the fi nancial assets and documents of banks to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations. Bank examiners can work for federal and state regulatory agencies and Federal Reserve Banks. Those working in the Offi ce of the Comptroller of the Currency may even work in many different specialty areas. Some of the activities performed include: using word processing, spreadsheet, and database software to collect and present data leading audits of banking institutions, including verifying cash on hand, loan documentation, and loan collateral and investments making presentations to committees and bank regulators evaluating a bank’s investment and loan decisions and recommending and implementing corrective actions in the event of bank weaknesses or defi ciencies. What Is It Like to Work as a Bank Examiner? Bank examiners are constantly traveling to different fi nancial institutions to conduct audits. The work conditions of a bank examiner can be very stressful, as he or she has a great deal of responsibility and is charged with enforcing laws and regulations. Bank examiners audit all of the fi nancial transactions of an institution, fi so previous experience in fi nancial services and high ethical standards are fi necessary for success in this position. While bank examiners receive highly specialized training, they are also expected to stay up to date on new laws and regulations affecting the financial services. fi If you enjoy working with numbers and on your own, a career as a bank examiner might suit you. What Education and Skills Are to Be a Bank Examiner? college degree in accounting, banking, business administration, or economics prior experience in fi nancial services, such as bank lending or management strong verbal and written communication good organization skills NNeeded N N N N N N N N N Compliance mpliance mp p p p p p p p p l li li li l l l l an an an a an ce ce ce ce OOfficerfff O O O O O O O ff f f f f f Bank Examiner e e e te t n rn rn rn al al al al Auditorru A A A ud ud ud ud i it it it it Internal In n n n n In n t t t t t t t t o o or or or o Career Ladder
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