19 Engaging Features Workplace Spotlighted Special features in this text bring content to life in a way that allows the reader to understand and apply what is learned. In each chapter, emphasis is given to selected banking topics that are important to building knowledge of fi nancial systems. G-W Integrated Learning Solution The G-W Integrated Learning Solution offers easy-to-use resources for both students and instructors. Digital and blended learning content can be accessed through any Internet-enabled device such as a computer, smartphone, or tablet. Students spend more time learning, and instructors spend less time administering. G-W Learning Companion Website/Student Textbook Online Learning Suite Online Instructor Resources BIZ TIPS Ethical Banking Banking and Related Services Green Banking Green Banking features share banking tips on best practices for the environment. Ethical Banking presents real-life information and insight on issues that arise in the banking business. Biz Tips highlight banking facts to add relevance to content. Biz Kid$ in Action provides real-life examples of banking in practice. Careers in Finance highlights careers in the Banking Services Pathway of the Finance Cluster to provide awareness of potential banking opportunities.
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