11 261 College and Career Readiness Reading Prep. In preparation for this chapter, use the Internet and printed materials to locate bank advertisements. Can you fi nd any common themes in these advertisements? What does this tell you about the purposes behind bank advertisements? Scan the code to view a Biz Kid$ video. If you do not have a smartphone, visit the G-W Learning companion website. www.g-wlearning.com/fi nance/ Check Your Banking IQ Before you begin this chapter, see what you already know about banking by taking the chapter pretest. www.g-wlearning.com/fi nance/ Selling the Bank Section 11.1 Marketing and Promotions Section 11.2 Building Relationships Loyal customers are not born, they are created. For a bank to be successful, it must reach out to individuals and organizations that could benefit fi from the products and services it provides. Once a relationship with a customer is born, it must be nurtured. Banks nurture these relationships and create a positive public image by providing ex- ceptional customer service.
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