268 Unit 4 Bank Management customer visits the bank’s website and requests information about home mortgages. This information request event may trigger a personal email from the loan offi cer inquiring if any additional information is needed by the customer. The event provided an opportunity for personal selling from the bank. Checkpoint 11.1 1. Why is setting up a target market helpful in marketing the bank? 2. What does a market segment of consumers have in common? 3. How have the methods and locations for promoting a product changed? 4. When must the phrase Member FDIC appear in a bank’s C communications? 5. Why is cross-selling sometimes referred to as relationship-based selling? Build Your Vocabulary As you progress through this course, develop a personal glossary of banking terms and add it to your portfolio. This will help you build your banking vocabulary. Write out a definition for each of the following terms, and add it to your personal glossary. need want market segment target market advertising marketing promotion cross-selling event-based selling
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