271 Chapter 11 Selling the Bank Poor Customer Service Good Customer Service The customer… The employee… The employee… asks a question the employee does not know the th e answer an sw er to. t o. says, “I don’t know.” says, “I will fi nd out.” behaves rudely to the employee. is rude in return, or refuses to deal with the customer. remains courteous and businesslike. disagrees with information in fo rm at io n provided. argues with the c cu stomer. st om er tries to defuse the sit si tu ation at io n hile wh il e remaining re ma in in g courteous. asks as ks that t ha t the th e employee take an additional step. does do es not n ot follow f ol lo w through th ro ug h because he or she will probably never see that person agai in . follows fo ll ow s through th ro ug h with wi th the t he promise. is waiting. takes his or her time getting ge tt in g to to the t he customer c us to me r. tries not to keep the customer cu st om er waiting w ai ti ng and a nd acknowledges the wait when the customer is next. is in front of the employee em pl p oy y ee or o r on on the telephone. is distracted by another customer, cu st om er , coworker, co wo rk er , or or something else going on in the bank. focuses on the current customer. cu st om er sees a bank employee doing somethi th in g incorrectly. corrects the coworker publicly. waits until later to point out the problem or brings it it to t the th tt at te ti nt io n f of a supervisor. does do es not n ot complain about the service he or she has received. assumes as su me s the th e customer cu st om er must be satisfi ed. asks as ks if i f the th e customer’s cu st om er s needs have been met and if there is anything further the employee can do. i is prese t nt wh he n a problem arises. blames bl th t he cust to mer, a coworker, or the bank’s processes p for the problem. t ta k ke s respon ibilit si bi li ty a d nd fi xes the problem. complains. ignores it. tells the customer that the th em loyee pl will il l f fo llow ll up on the complaint and fi x the issue—and does just that. Figure 11-6. Focus on the Customer
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