273 Chapter 11 Selling the Bank Customer Services Offerings Customer service representatives are an important part of customer services. However, quality products and services enhance the bank’s image and generate customer loyalty: locations handicapped accessibility international services secure website Locations that are convenient for customers are important with any business, including a bank. Persons with disabilities also need to have access that is appropriate to their needs. Ramps, teller windows, and lobby ATMs should be designed to accommodate a person using a wheelchair. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires all buildings that welcome the public to meet accessibility standards. For example, as shown in Figure 11-8, a ramp can be provided as an alternative to using stairs. International services are increasingly required by customers. Access to money and account information while traveling abroad is another factor. Credit and debit cards that work in foreign countries as well as other travel-rated services are ever more important to consumers. Many people are now conducting most if not all of their banking online. The bank’s website should be secure and easy to use. Information should be easy to fi nd and services commonly offered by other banks should be available. For example, the ability to pay bills and check account balances should be provided. Stairs are not accessible Ramp conforms to guidelines Source: Shutterstock (auremar) Figure 11-8. ADA Requires Public Buildings to be Accessible.
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