275 Chapter 11 Selling the Bank Career Ladder keting k k k k k et e e e et t t et e e in in in g g g g g g Mana Ma Ma Ma a Ma n n na na n n n Marketing Specialist rk rk k k rk t et et et in in in in g g g g g g g Analy An An An An a al al al y y y y Marketing M Ma Ma a a Ma a M r r r st y y y yi yi y yi y y y s s s s s s s Careers in Finance Banking and Related Services What Does a Marketing Specialist Do? Marketing specialists are responsible for the marketing, promotion, and sales of products and services. They are sometimes referred to as product specialists, because they often perform these duties for a specificfi banking product. Marketing specialists conduct surveys and make forecasts for the market for specifi products. They develop advertisements, fic promotions, and pricing to accommodate the product’s marketing plan. Some of the activities performed by a marketing specialist include: researching competing products and making recommendations on pricing and promotions preparing sales brochures and other advertisements gathering information from product users to determine customer satisfaction and ideas for improvements and training sales and customer-service employees on product advancements. What Is It Like to Work as a Marketing Specialist? Marketing specialists spend time both traveling and working in an offi ce environment. They are often attending conferences, meetings, and trade shows to gather information about market trends and competitors. Marketing specialists in the fi nancial sector often specialize in one specifi c banking product and work under the direction of a marketing manager. Excellent communication and analytical skills are essential to a career as a marketing specialist. If you possess an entrepreneurial spirit and enjoy conducting independent research, a career as a marketing specialist might suit you. What Education and Skills Are Needed to Be a Marketing Specialist? college degree in business or marketing Master of Business Administration (MBA) is very helpful experience in marketing or bank management creativity
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