Chapter 1 The World of Work
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Since the last century, technology has led to many changes in the way
people work.
Governmental Actions
Governmental action can and often does affect companies and
local businesses. For example, if you own a busy gas station in town
and a new expressway interchange is planned fi ve miles away,
your station will probably lose business. Actions that affect some
companies in a positive way may have a negative impact on other
companies or businesses.
It is important to know that rules, regulations, and other
government decisions are generally not made quickly. Issues are
considered for many months or years before a plan is announced.
Time is always allowed for affected members of the public to
comment before a fi nal decision on the plan is made. The smart
citizen stays alert to governmental plans that may affect his or her
Today’s Workplace
Today’s workplace is very different from the workplace that
your grandparents or even your parents knew. Teleconferencing
and web seminars, unheard of ten years ago, are commonplace
today. Working from home is also a common practice among
certain occupations. The world market has even changed the time
of day a person works.
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