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Chapter 1 Learning About Children 31
Review and Assessment
The scientifi c study of children is called child development. The study of child development
involves the physical, intellectual, social, and emotional development through six stages of the
individual life cycle. Children’s growth and development are affected by heredity and environment.
Most children follow similar patterns called principles of growth and development. Many researchers
have formed theories about how children grow and develop. No one theory is adequate to describe
the complexity of development. Theories, however, give direction for further study of children and
provide information needed to work with children.
The study of children is important to understand yourself, be a responsible parent, work with
children, and protect children’s rights. Observing children is the best way to learn about their
behavior. Child observations are done to answer questions, get new ideas, and look for causes that
affect behavior.
Portfolio Foundations
When you apply for college admission, a job, or a
community service position, you may need to tell others
about your qualifications for the position. A portfolio is a
selection of related materials you collect and organize.
These materials show your qualifications, skills, talents,
and interests. For instance, a certificate that shows
you completed first aid and CPR training could help you
get a summer job working with children through a park
district program. An essay you wrote about protecting
children from neglect may help you gain admission to
the early childhood education college program you
desire. A transcript of your school grades also shows
your qualifications to a potential college.
There are two types of portfolios people com-
monly use: print portfolios and electronic portfolios
(e-Portfolios). To learn more about portfolios, complete
the following:
Use the Internet to search for print portfolios
and e-Portfolio. Read several articles about
each type of portfolio. In your own words, briefly
write a summary of each type.
You will be creating a portfolio for this class.
Based on your reading, which type of portfolio
would you prefer to create? Why? Write a
paragraph summarizing your thinking.
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