Chapter 3 Review and Assessment Copyright Goodheart-Willcox Co., Inc. Chapter 3 Getting the Sleep You Need 93 Think Critically 15. Determine. Why do people, especially teenagers, need sufficient sleep? What is a good bedtime for teenagers in your community? 16. Cause and effect. Explain the sleep cycle and how someone might feel if he or she wakes up before the end of the sleep cycle. How do naps fit into this cycle? 17. Analyze. What is the connection between sleep and digital screen time in the hours before bedtime? 18. Draw conclusions. Using reliable sources (print, online, and in person), find information, tips, and suggestions about getting better sleep. Draw conclusions from the information and share your thoughts with the class. Be sure to cite your sources. 19. Evaluate. Is it healthy to sleep less on weekdays and “catch up” on weekends by sleeping more? Explain. 20. Technology and advocacy skills. Middle school and high school students struggle to get enough sleep on a regular basis. Research the health information in this chapter on sleep, including how much sleep your age group needs and strategies for getting enough sleep. Plan an app that helps students get the sleep they need. Consider appearance as well as function. This app should represent at least one way to utilize technology to benefit the health of you and your peers. 21. Communication skills. Imagine you have a friend who has been having trouble sleeping. He tosses and turns almost every night for a few hours. You know this is probably because after dinner he drinks a caffeinated soda and plays video games until bedtime. Write a dialogue between you and your friend about his sleeping habits. Have him explain the health impacts he experiences from his lack of sleep. What warnings should you give about his health? What tips would you give for getting better sleep? 22. Refusal and decision-making skills. Imagine you have a friend who frequently invites you to come over to her house to watch movies on weeknights. You enjoy watching movies with your friend, but you stay up so late. Then, you always feel exhausted and sluggish the next day. How would you respond to your friend’s next offer? Write a few possible responses. 23. Conflict resolution skills. Imagine you are having a disagreement with your parents about your bedtime. What are likely details of this disagreement? Consider the thoughts and feelings of you and your parents. Also, consider the information you learned in this chapter. How would you resolve the conflict so everyone agrees? 24. Advocacy skills. As a class, write a letter to a member of the school or district administration to share your knowledge about the sleep needs of teenagers. Provide ideas that the school or district could implement to better mesh with the sleep needs of teenagers. Prepare questions to ask administrators, too. DEVELOP Your Skills
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