To the Student The best way to learn and develop your skills is not just to read, but to organize and apply the information you see. Getting ready to read and taking frequent breaks to complete activities can make reading seem less daunting. It can also help you remember information longer and understand it better. That is why this textbook does more than just present the information you need to know. It also contains features and activities to help you understand and apply what you learn. Knowing how to use these features will help you learn more quickly and effectively. To learn how best to use this textbook, join us on a walkthrough of a typical unit, chapter, and lesson. Start with the Unit Opener 1. Read the unit number and title. 2. See what chapters are included in the unit. Think about what information you are excited to learn. 3. Complete the Warm-Up Activity. Some Warm-Up Activities ask you to come back to them after reading the chapters in the unit, so do not throw away your completed activity. Keep it so you can revisit it after reading the unit. 330 Unit 5 Chapter 11 Understanding and Preventing Diseases Chapter 12 Preventing and Responding to Accidents and Injuries Chapter 13 Protecting Environmental Health Protecting Your Physical Health and Safety Warm-Up ActivityActivity Warm-Up Reducing Risks As you grow up, you will become more and more responsible for managing your health, safety, and environment. Part of managing these factors is identifying and reducing risks, or potential threats. For example, during the winter season, your classmates may catch the flu. When you hang out with friends at the mall, a stranger may make you uncomfortable. You may cough when there is smog in the air. In all of these situations, you can take certain actions to reduce your risks. The pictures below illustrate situations that have different risks. Look at these pictures and work with a partner to list actions you could take to reduce the risks present. Write these actions on a separate piece of paper. After reading this unit, revisit your list and add or change actions based on what you learned. VaLiza/ Left to right: leungchopan/ juan carlos tinjaca/ Tatiana Grozetskaya/ sirtravelalot/ Mirko Graul/ Africa Studios/ 2 1 3 Eye: Arcady/ Pen: Magic Pasta/ Hand: T-Kot/
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