Complete the Chapter Opener Activities 1. Complete the Reading Activity. The Reading Activity will help you understand and remember what you learn in the chapter. 2. Assess your own health habits using the How Healthy Are You? quiz. Answer “Yes” or “No” to each question and count your “Yes” or “No” responses. Use your answers to think about how you can improve your overall health. 3. Click on the activity icon or go to the G-W Learning Companion Website to complete the assessment online. 4. Take a look at the activities you can complete on the G-W Learning Companion Website. For each lesson, you can use flash cards to remember key terms, print the graphic organizer, and complete online quizzes and assessments. 385 How Healthy Healthy Are You? In this chapter, you will be learning about preventing and responding to accidents and injuries. Before you begin reading, take the following quiz to assess your current accident and injury prevention habits. Healthy Choices Yes No Do you know the phone number for the Poison Control Center? Do you and your family have an established emergency evacuation plan in case of a fire? Do you and your family have a first-aid kit and other emergency supplies stored in your home and in any vehicles? Do you practice caution with strangers and get away from any stranger who makes you uncomfortable? Do you use the Privacy settings on any social media accounts you have to protect your personal information? Do you take precautions as a pedestrian to make yourself visible and safe from getting hit by a car? Do you always wear a helmet when riding a bike and follow all traffic rules? Do you know what to do in the case of cuts, scrapes, severe bleeding, bites, stings, electrical shocks, and burns? Would you immediately call 911 if someone stopped breathing (including choking) or their heart stopped? Count your “Yes” and “No” responses. The more “Yes” responses you have, the more healthy accident and injury prevention and response habits you exhibit. Now, take a closer look at the questions with which you responded “No.” How can you make these habits part of your daily life? Think about how implementing these ideas can help improve your overall health. While studying this chapter, look for the activity icon to practice key terms with e-flash cards and matching activities. reinforce what you learn by completing graphic organizers, self-assessment quizzes, and review questions. expand knowledge with interactive activities and activities that extend learning. Reading Activity Before you read the chapter, write all of the key terms for the chapter on a piece of paper and record what you think each term means. As you read the chapter, compare your definitions to the definitions in the text. Change any of your definitions that are incorrect and then highlight these terms. Make flash cards for each term you highlighted. 2 1 3 4
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