271 How Healthy Healthy Are You? In this chapter, you will be learning about alcohol. Before you begin reading, take the following quiz to assess your current alcohol habits. Healthy Choices Yes No Do you understand the health hazards of alcohol use on the muscles, nervous system, and brain? Do you understand that alcohol is an addictive substance? Do you understand the consequences of underage drinking ? Do you understand the consequences of consuming excessive amounts of alcohol? Do you surround yourself with friends who choose not to drink? Do you try to limit your exposure to people drinking in movies and TV shows? In social situations where you feel nervous or awkward, would you give in to peer pressure to drink alcohol? Do you stay away from experimenting with drinking alcohol? Have you prepared refusal skills to help when you are offered alcohol? If you or someone you care about has a problem with alcohol, do you know what help is available? Count your “Yes” and “No” responses. The more “Yes” responses you have, the more healthy alcohol habits you exhibit. Now, take a closer look at the questions with which you responded “No.” How can you make these healthy habits part of your daily life? Think about how implementing these ideas can help improve your overall health. While studying this chapter, look for the activity icon to practice key terms with e-flash cards and matching activities. reinforce what you learn by completing graphic organizers, self-assessment quizzes, and review questions. expand knowledge with interactive activities and activities that extend learning. www.g-wlearning.com/health/ Reading Activity Review the key terms for this chapter and write them on a separate piece of paper. Look up these terms in the dictionary. Then, write definitions for each term using your own words. Underneath each definition, write an example of the term’s meaning in action. After reading this chapter, update your examples and review them with a partner.
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