Copyright Goodheart-Willcox Co., Inc. Chapter 9 Alcohol 283 People with an alcohol addiction show a number of symptoms. They may have a strong craving for alcohol. They may not be able to limit their drinking. They may also experience memory loss or a blackout (forget what happened while drinking). People with an alcohol addiction often continue to drink despite serious problems with their physical and mental health, as well as trouble with their family, school, or work responsibilities. Alcohol Tolerance or Larger amounts of alcohol are needed to feel the same effects Same amount of alcohol produces a lesser effect Figure 9.11 A tolerance for alcohol means that a person’s body has grown used to a certain amount of alcohol. What stage of alcohol addiction causes a person to develop a tolerance for alcohol? Lesson 9.1 Review 1. In the United States, a person must be _____ years of age to legally drink alcohol. 2. The majority of alcohol consumed by underage drinkers is in the form of _____ drinking. 3. True or false. Changes in the brain, hangovers, and alcohol poisoning are long- term health eff ects of drinking alcohol. 4. List four problems young people who drink alcohol are at greater risk of experiencing. 5. Critical thinking. How many ounces are equivalent to one drink for beer, wine, and liquor? What does this mean about consumption of these types of alcohol? Think of your favorite activities to do—playing a sport, going to the theater, reading, listening to music, drawing, cooking, etc. Using information from the text about the immediate health eff ects of alcohol use, write about how these activities would be impacted if you tried to do them after drinking alcohol. Then, consider and write about how these activities would be impacted if you experienced the long-term health eff ects of alcohol use. Hands-On Activity Hands-On Activity
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