65 How Healthy Healthy Are You? In this chapter, you will be learning about sleep. Before you begin reading, take the following quiz to assess your current sleep habits. Healthy Choices Yes No Do you get to hours of sleep every night? If you suffer from a sleep disorder, like sleep apnea or nightmares, have you sought out forms of treatment? Do you go to bed at approximately the same time each night and get up at approximately the same time each morning? Do you follow the same sleeping pattern on weekends as throughout the week? Do you exercise for 20 to 30 minutes a day? Do you avoid caffeine in food or drinks in the hours leading up to your bedtime? Do you practice relaxation techniques like reading a book or taking a warm shower to wind down before bed? Have you created a cool, dark, and quiet environment in which you can sleep? Do you minimize the time you spend in front of a television, computer, or phone screen near the end of the day? Do you avoid napping for too long or too close to your bedtime, so you do not disrupt your normal sleep cycle? Count your “Yes” and “No” responses. The more “Yes” responses you have, the more healthy sleep habits you exhibit. Now, take a closer look at the questions with which you responded “No.” How can you make these healthy habits part of your daily life? Think about how implementing these ideas can help improve your overall health. While studying this chapter, look for the activity icon to practice key terms with e-flash cards and matching activities. reinforce what you learn by completing graphic organizers, self-assessment quizzes, and review questions. expand knowledge with interactive activities and activities that extend learning. www.g-wlearning.com/health/ Reading Activity Using reliable online resources, find an article discussing strategies for getting quality sleep. Take notes as you read the article and then this chapter. Compare your notes on the article and the chapter and assess how the article is similar to or different from this chapter. Write a summary of your findings.
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