Unit 1 Taking Charge of Your Health and Wellness Copyright Goodheart-Willcox Co., Inc. 74 Accidents People who are sleep deprived often have trouble paying attention, concentrating, and reacting quickly. This can result in accidents that may cause serious injuries and even death. For example, driving while tired is very dangerous (Figure 3.9). A drowsy driver could miss a stop sign or a red light and cause an accident. In some cases, sleepy drivers fall asleep at the wheel and drive off the road. Some people may drink coffee or sodas with caffeine to try to stay awake while driving. These substances do not make up for lack of sleep, however. Poor School and Athletic Performance Students who do not get enough sleep often have problems concentrating, paying attention, solving problems, and remembering information. They may even fall asleep during class. If students are too tired to focus on their studies, they may get bad grades. Over time, not getting enough sleep can lead to lower grades. It is important to get an adequate amount of sleep each night if you want to learn and maintain good grades in school. Insufficient sleep can also affect a young person’s athletic performance. Participating in sports exercises your body and causes you to feel tired. After a busy day that includes physical activity, your body needs rest. Getting an adequate amount of sleep helps your body refresh from the day’s activity and prepare itself for more activity tomorrow. Lesson 3.1 Review 1. How much sleep do school-age children and teens need each night? 2. The naturally occurring physical, behavioral, and mental changes in the body that typically follow the 24-hour cycle of the sun are known as __________. 3. The body releases the hormone _____ in the late evening to encourage sleep. 4. True or false. People typically go through the sleep cycle once over the course of a night. 5. Critical thinking. List three negative impacts lack of sleep can have on your health. Explore starting and ending times of middle schools in and surrounding your community. What impact do start and end times have on students’ sleep and performance in school and activities? If needed, recommend an appropriate adjustment to your school’s schedule and support your recommendation with information about sleep needs of people your age. Hands-On Activity Hands-On Activity Andrey_Popov/Shutterstock.com Figure 3.9 People who drive while drowsy are just as likely to have an accident as those who drive while drunk. How can sleep deprivation lead to accidents?
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