Glossary Glossary
abundant. Plentiful. (33)
acidulation. The process of adding acid to an
item. (21)
active listening. An effective communication
technique that signals to the speaker that
what he or she is saying is understood. (5)
aerobic bacteria. Bacteria that require
oxygen. (7)
aging. The time meat is allowed to rest after
slaughter. (30)
airline breast. Chicken breast that is a bone-
less chicken breast with the fi rst joint of
the wing still attached. (31)
à la carte (ah lah KAHRT). A system in which
food is prepared only when an order is
received from the service staff. (22)
à la carte (ah lah KAHRT) menu. A menu
that prices each course separately. (51)
al dente (ahl DEN tay). An Italian term used
to describe a product being fully cooked
but not soft or mushy. (27, 29)
allergen. A protein that is misinterpreted by
the body and causes an immune system
response. (7)
alternative. Option. (31)
American Culinary Federation (ACF). The
largest professional organization for culi-
narians in the United States. (5)
American service. A style of service in which
the server delivers plates of food directly
from the kitchen to the guest, also
referred to as plated service. (48)
anaerobic bacteria. Bacteria that thrive
without oxygen. (7)
anchovies. Small, oily ocean fi sh preserved
by salting that is a popular ingredient in
Mediterranean cuisines. (17)
apprenticeship. A method of training in
which a person learns a trade under the
guidance of skilled tradespeople. (5)
aquaculture. The farming of fi sh and shell-
fi sh. (34)
aromatic. Distinctive smell. (26)
as purchased (AP). Raw, unprepared
product in the same form it is delivered
from the vendor. (49)
asymmetry. A sense of balance achieved
by artistically arranging items without
creating two identical sides of a center
point. (39)
attitude. How a person thinks and feels
about other people and situations. (5)
attribute. Characteristic. (42)
authentic. Genuine. (52)
authority. Control over. (2)
automated external defi brillators (AED).
Devices that automatically detect the
type of heart rhythm and deliver an elec-
tric shock if appropriate. (9)
back-of-the-house staff. The kitchen
personnel including chefs, cooks, dish-
washers, and receiving clerks. (48)
bacteria. Single-celled organisms that repro-
duce by dividing. (7)
baguette (bah GEHT). A long, thin French
bread. (22)
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