and Career
Reading Prep. In preparation for
reading the chapter, think about why
people work. How does the occupation
an individual chooses affect his or her
lifestyle? As you read, consider how
the information in this chapter supports
or contradicts your answers to these
As you begin to discover the many careers
available, it is necessary to understand the
importance of work and why people work. Most
people work to earn money to live. However,
successful workers like their work and have a
sense of satisfaction about their accomplishments.
While you explore your career options, you will
learn how to identify those things that will make
you happy in your job. You will also learn that being
flexible and adjusting to the needs of the economy
can help you find a career that you enjoy. Being
prepared for the changing workplace will help you
be happy and successful in your chosen career.
In this chapter, you will learn about what, in
addition to money, people gain from working and
how the global economy affects career prospects.
Check Your Career IQ
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careers by scanning the QR code to take the chapter pretest. If you
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