and Career
Reading Prep. Arrange a study
session to read the chapter aloud
with a classmate. Take turns reading
each section. Stop at the end of each
section to discuss what you think its
main points are. Take notes of your
study session to share with the class.
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We live in a digital world. It is increasingly
important that you act responsibly as a digital
citizen. This means using the Internet ethically.
Unethical Internet practices can affect your ability
to achieve success in school, at work, or both. It is
just as important to make sure you use the Internet
safely. Information on the Internet lives forever,
so you need to be cautious of what you post and
where you post it. Once something is on the web,
there is no getting it back.
In this chapter, you will learn about what it
means to be a digital citizen and how to use the
Internet responsibly.
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