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Chapter 10 Digital Citizenship
Digital Citizenship
Someone who regularly and skillfully uses technology is a
digital citizen. To be a digital citizen, you must have the knowledge
and skills to successfully navigate the Internet. Digital citizenship
is the standard of appropriate behavior when using technology to
communicate. Good digital citizenship focuses on using technology in
a positive manner rather than using it for negative or illegal purposes.
Digital literacy skills are necessary when working in a business environment.
Advances in computer technology have improved
hardware capabilities and performance. Often,
terminals can be set up at several workstations and
connected to a single server where the applications
actually run. Sharing the computing power of a single
server reduces the need for multiple computers, which reduces the
amount of power used by a business.
Newer computers and printers are also more efficient, using
less energy to power them. Some businesses are replacing desktop
computers with laptop or notebook computers to save energy. Laptops
are 30% more energy efficient than desktop computers. By upgrading
to new equipment, businesses not only save the environment but save
money on operating expenses.
Go Green
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