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How can
Internet use by an
employee affect a
Key Terms
acceptable use policy
cloud computing
Internet protocol (IP)
software virus
identity theft
Internet Use in the
After studying this section of the chapter, you will be able to:
Explain how employers ensure appropriate use of the Internet in a professional
Describe the importanace of digital security.
Using the Internet
An important aspect of digital citizenship is respecting the
property and time of your school or company. Internet access
provided by the school or company should be used only for the
intended purpose. For example, do not check personal e-mail or
play an online game on a school or work computer. An acceptable
use policy is a set of rules that explains what is and is not acceptable
use of computer equipment and networks. Employees should be
made aware of acceptable use policies during training. They must
accept the policy before they are allowed access to the company’s
computers and network. Schools have acceptable use policies that
students must follow as well.
Cloud computing can be used to support collaboration and
working remotely. Cloud computing is using remote servers to
store and access data over the Internet rather than on a personal
computer or local server. This allows users to access their content
from anywhere with an Internet connection. Some companies and
schools use fi lters that prevent unauthorized Internet surfi ng. Filters
also block some websites. If you have not been given permission to
access the cloud at school or work, it may be unauthorized use.
Some people may consider the use of fi lters to be censorship.
Censorship is the practice of examining material and blocking or
deleting anything considered inappropriate. Filters block material
that meets certain criteria. This may be seen by some people as
censorship. It is legal for employers to censor information that
employees read on the Internet during work hours. Many companies
use software to block certain websites and other Internet-based
information. This is common in schools as well.
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