What Does a Webmaster Do?
Webmasters manage website development, design, and maintenance after it becomes
active. Most companies have a website through which they do at least some of their marketing
and selling. Logically, a website that looks interesting and is easy to use will be more successful
than a poorly designed one.
What Is It Like to Work as a Webmaster?
Webmasters work primarily at a desk on a computer terminal. They work with web-
development teams to provide an easy-to-use interface and solve usability issues. When
problems with web pages and servers arise, the webmaster is the person who troubleshoots the
problems to keep downtime to a minimum. They also have to understand security, as they are
usually responsible for implementing and monitoring firewalls and other security measures. At
times, the webmaster may also be responsible for updating content and links as requested or
needed by the company.
What Education and Skills Are Needed
to Be a Webmaster?
Most jobs in this field require a bachelor
degree in web design or a related field. Training at a
vocational school or an associate degree may be a
suitable substitute in some cases. Exceptional skill
with computers and computer programs is a must.
Webmasters must be proficient in application-server
software, graphics software, payment-processing
software, and web page-creation software. They need a
good understanding of graphic design, website design,
programming, and problem solving. They must also have
good customer service, communication, and math skills.
Helpful High School Activities
and Prep Courses for Becoming a
graphic design classes
website design classes
computer programming classes
cooperative education with training in web page
development and maintenance
IT Manager
Web Page Developer
Website Programmer
Chapter 10 Digital Citizenship
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