Discovering Careers is designed to introduce you to the skills you will need to succeed in
school, on the job, and on your own. It will serve as a guide as you prepare for a career and
become a productive member of the workforce.
Success in a career begins with an understanding of the world of work. This text will
explain the important changes taking place in the workplace and how they apply to you.
It will cover the variety of careers available to you. Skills that are important in work and in
your life will be identifi ed as well as ways to acquire them.
Being a member of the workplace involves a whole new set of responsibilities as you
strive to become an independent adult. Once you know what type of work you want,
you are ready to begin exploring job options. You will learn how to fi nd work suitable to
your skills, personality, and values. You will also gain the knowledge needed to become
successful at work and advance in your career.
About the Authors
John A. Wanat is a former director of the Monmouth County Division on Aging,
Disabilities, and Veterans’ Interment and author of numerous textbooks, articles, and
audiovisual materials. Previously he managed several New Jersey State Department of
Education bureaus and implemented a statewide program that found jobs for 10,000 high
school graduates not bound for college. Wanat’s career has included coordinating degree
and nondegree programs for the Center for Occupational Education at Jersey City State
College. He also has served as vice president of a security training institute, director of an
adult learning center, and publisher/editor of two national education magazines.
E. Weston Pfeiffer provides consulting services to major corporations, the World Bank,
and numerous education agencies. Pfeiffer began his career as a teacher, then joined the
New Jersey Department of Education’s Division of Vocational Education. There he was
state supervisor of cooperative industrial education, lead program specialist for trade and
industrial education, and state director for apprentice training. Recently Pfeiffer has served
as advisor for the US Department of Labor on technical and vocational training programs in
Europe and the Middle East. He is a founding member of the Cooperative Work Experience
Education Association.
Richard Van Gulik, PhD, is assistant director for curriculum at Withlacoochee Technical
College. Previously he was superintendent of Hunterdon County Polytech and principal
of Salem County Vocational School. While he was principal, Salem County Vocational
School was recognized by the US Department of Education as one of the top 10 vocational
programs in the nation. Van Gulik also served as program specialist in trade and industrial
education for New Jersey’s Department of Education. He is a leader in initiating programs
that address the employment needs of his county and in creating career pathways and
mentoring opportunities for students in career and technical education.
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