Financial security is the ultimate goal of managing your finances.
Achieving financial security requires financial literacy and lifelong planning.
Different stages in your life cycle will be marked by different financial
characteristics. To help create budgets and manage your personal finances,
consider using financial planning software or online money management
programs. These software packages offer many conveniences to help manage
your financial affairs, both daily and over time.
Keep in mind that even with the most competent money management
practices, you may face financial difficulties in the future. It pays to know
steps you can take to prepare for possible problems and to deal with a
financial crisis should the need arise.
and Career
Focus on Finance
Reasons to Budget
Where do you want to be financially in 10 years? Can you see yourself
owning a car and living in your own house? Will you have a great career
and be on your way to financial security? In order to meet goals that you set
for yourself, you will need to learn how to manage your personal finances.
Budgeting is one way to get started on the path to financial independence.
What can budgeting do for you? Budgeting can help you:
Today is the best time to start budgeting your way to the future you hope to
achieve tomorrow.
Chapter 2
Making Smart Decisions
Reading Prep. In preparation for reading
the chapter, think about what makes a person
successful. How do people measure success?
As you read, consider how the information
in this chapter supports or contradicts your
answers to these questions.
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