88 Chapter Outline 6.1 Compression Refrigeration Cycle 6.2 High Side and Low Side 6.3 Compression 6.3.1 Compressor 6.3.2 Oil Separator 6.4 Condensing 6.4.1 Condenser 6.4.2 Liquid Receiver 6.4.3 Liquid Line 6.4.4 Liquid Line Filter-Drier 6.5 Metering Device 6.6 Evaporating 6.6.1 Evaporator 6.6.2 Accumulator 6.6.3 Suction Line 6.6.4 Suction Line Filter-Drier Learning Objectives Information in this chapter will enable you to: Explain how phase changes are used in refrigeration systems to transfer heat. Describe how phase change is possible through pressure change or the addition or removal of heat. Summarize the four phases of the compression refrigeration cycle. Identify the components that divide the low and high sides of a compression refrigeration system. Understand the purpose of each of the components in a compression refrigeration system. Basic Refrigeration Systems CHAPTER C H A P T R 6 6 6
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