In This Chapter
10.1 Introduction to
Importance of Marketing
Marketing Strategies
10.2 Customers
Customer Types
Customer Buying
Reading Prep
Examine the visuals in the chapter before you read it.
Write down questions you have about them. Try and answer the
questions as you read.
and Career
Exploring Careers
Marketing Professional
A company’s marketing activities play a large role in the success of
the goods or services it offers. Marketing professionals identify potential
customers and develop strategies to market products to these customers.
They also help keep the company on track by monitoring customer wants and
needs and suggesting new ways to satisfy those needs.
Typical job titles for this position also include marketing manager,
marketing coordinator, and brand manager. Examples of tasks marketing
professionals perform include:
coordinate marketing activities and policies to promote the company’s
goods or services;
develop marketing and pricing strategies;
perform market research and analysis; and
coordinate or participate in promotional activities and trade shows to
showcase the company’s products.
Marketing professional positions require a bachelor degree in marketing,
advertising, communications, or a related field. They need a strong
background in sales and marketing strategy. Experience in customer service
and employee management is preferred. Solid knowledge of the English
language, business and management principles, media production, and
communication are also needed. Marketing professionals must also be able to
think creatively and use critical-thinking skills to solve problems.
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