Copyright Goodheart-Willcox Co., Inc. 107 admixture adobe brick aggregates angles ashlar bent glass bond bond beams brick masonry building brick cement ceramic ce tiles concrete nc concrete re brick concrete te masonry unit (CMU) cut stones es face brick ferrous metals ls firebrick fi fired-clay tile fi flexible insulation fl fl oat glass fl gage system te glass glass block glazed brick gravel green building grout header course hydration insulating glass kiln-burned brick laminating lintels l loose-fill lo o o insulation fi lum mb mb er mortar t ar a mosaic c tiles t i nonferrou o us us metals open-web steel s te t joists patterned glass as s s paving brick pervious concrete t e e plywoodo quarry tile t il refl insulation in flective reinforcing bars ba rigid insulation n rough-sawn lumber m b rubble R-value safety glass sand-lime brick single-wythe walls stained glass stone masonry stretcher structural clay tile structural st steel surfaced r lumber sustainability ai sustainable na design terra cotta tt a thermal insulations n welded wire fabric f (WWF) After completing this unit, you will wi be able to: Identify a variety of basic materials m a used in construction. Identify the basic components of o concrete. Describe different types of masonry n brick, block, and mortar. Classify C l wood as hardwood or softw t wo od. Recognize co different structural steel shapes.a h Describe ib various types of glass, plastics, and a insulation. Identify symbols sy representing materials on n a drawing. Explain the e fundamentals of green building construction. co UNIT 7 Construction Materials—Types and Uses
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