Introduction IX
You may be familiar with many student organizations at your school. Some exist specifi cally
to help you and other young people learn the skills they will need in the work world. These
organizations are known as Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs). Joining one
or more of these organizations can benefi t you in many ways:

develop skills for employability and career success, such as leadership, cooperation,
responsibility, and creativity

practice skills in planning, communication, and teamwork

build friendships with peers who share similar values and goals

learn how to network with peers and professionals
As part of a CTSO, you will have access to in-depth, profession-related knowledge. Staff,
organization leaders, and teachers can provide you with valuable insights you will need on
your career path. The U.S. Department of Education recognizes 11 CTSOs. Two relate most to
the content of this text.
Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA)
FCCLA is a student organization that promotes personal
growth and leadership development through family and consumer
sciences education. As the only in-school student organization with
the family as its focus, FCCLA is an ideal companion to courses in
your school’s family and consumer sciences program.
Involvement in FCCLA offers the opportunity to

participate in activities and events at local, state, and
national levels

develop leadership and teamwork skills

help others through community service projects

prepare for future roles in your family, career, and community
STAR Events—Students Taking Action with Recognition
Students compete in events that test their leadership and career preparation skills.
Students participate in cooperative, individualized, and competitive events. Topics include
career investigation, entrepreneurship, job interviewing, and life event planning.
For additional information, visit the organization’s website at
SkillsUSA is an organization of students preparing for careers
in trade, technical, and health services. Students may compete in the
SkillsUSA Championships at the local, state, and national levels. SkillsUSA
emphasizes not only those qualities necessary to begin a successful career,
but also the importance of lifelong education and training. Check out the
organization’s website at
As a part of work on the Community
Service Opportunities program, plan
activities to improve the local environment,
such as: removing litter from an area of
the school campus, distributing litter bags
to each student driver for their cars, and
designing posters to remind students to
recycle and stop littering.
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