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Working with Young Children is designed to help you prepare for a career
in early childhood education. It teaches practical techniques to guide children
through a variety of daily experiences in safe, educational ways.
Success in working with children begins by understanding children’s growth
and development. This book starts with an overview of the physical, intellectual,
social, and emotional characteristics of young children. Using this information
will help you plan for and foster children’s growth with confi dence that your
actions are developmentally appropriate.
Once you understand children, you are ready to develop and build your
guidance skills. This text teaches you practical strategies for guiding children as
you establish rules and handle daily routines. It also gives helpful suggestions for
dealing with guidance challenges.
An important part of working with young children is creating a safe, healthy,
and stimulating learning environment. As you read this text, you will learn
strategies for keeping children safe, healthy, and well-nourished. In addition, you
will learn to provide experiences that build children’s curiosity and enthusiasm
for learning.
Working with Young Children prepares you for other important aspects of
nurturing young children. These include planning developmentally appropriate
curriculum and developing strategies for involving parents in early childhood
education programs. The book also prepares you to handle special concerns
related to infants, toddlers, school-age children, and children with special needs.
Finally, the book prepares you to launch a career in early care and education,
helping you explore the types of programs and refi ne your job search skills.
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