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About the Author
The quality of this textbook refl ects Judy Herr’s intense dedication to
early childhood education, with over 40 years of experience in the fi eld. Judy
previously supervised and administered seven children’s programs at the
University of Wisconsin-Stout. She also served as the early childhood program
director and Associate Dean of the College of Human Development.
Judy has published numerous books, manuals, and articles on early
childhood education. Her articles have been printed in such noted journals as
Young Children, Journal of Family and Consumer Sciences, Early Childhood News,
and Texas Child Care Quarterly. This text, Working with Young Children, has been
published in Spanish, Chinese, and Arabic.
Judy has been a guest speaker at local, regional, national, and international
conferences. She was invited to Pai Chi University in Korea as the
Distinguished Invitational International Scholar. She has participated in the
prestigious Management Development Program at Harvard University. She is
active in professional associations including the National Association for the
Education of Young Children. Judy has received many awards, including the
Shirley Dean Award for Distinguished Service to the Midwestern Association
for the Education of Young Children. She was also named a Dahlgren Professor.
In 2006, Judy received the Outstanding Teaching Award at the University of
In 2009, the University of Wisconsin-Stout awarded Judy the prestigious
James Huff Stout Award for outstanding achievement. The award recognized
her for being a national and international educator; prominent leader in early
childhood education; notable, prolifi c author; and esteemed researcher.
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