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Types of Early
Childhood Programs
After studying this chapter, you will be able to
list and describe the various types of early childhood programs
available to parents and their children.
assess the advantages and disadvantages of each type of program.
differentiate between the types of center sponsorship.
explain steps families may take in choosing quality child care.
list indications of quality in early childhood programs.
recognize licensing rules and regulations that help keep centers safe.
list the components of center accreditation.
discuss instruments used to measure the quality of child care.
Content Terms
child care centers
Montessori approach
Head Start
learning standards
school-age child care programs
check-in services
parent cooperatives
Skim the chapter
by reading the first
sentence of each
paragraph. Use this
information to create an
outline of the chapter
before you read it
Use a star diagram to
organize the different
types of child care.
laboratory schools
universal prekindergarten (UPK)
licensing rules and regulations
child care license
quality rating systems (QRS)
Academic Terms
homeless children
for-profi t centers
nonprofi t centers
Chapter 2
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