Chapter 2 Types of Early Childhood Programs
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When searching for the right program, parents
consider many factors. Each family makes this
choice based on its own needs, priorities, goals, and
budget. Many parents do consider some common
factors, however. See Figure 2.10 for a list of
questions parents can use to compare programs.
Selecting Quality Child Care
Yes No
1. Is the center accredited by the National Academy of Early Childhood Programs?
2. Do the children appear to be happy, active, and secure?
3. Does the center provide in-service training and continuing education?
4. Are all staff members educationally qualified?
5. Do staff members attend in-service training, professional meetings, and conferences on
a regular basis?
6. Are staff meetings conducted regularly to plan and evaluate program activities?
7. Do staff members observe, assess, and document each child’s developmental
8. Does the curriculum support the children’s individual rates of development?
9. Do the staff and curriculum celebrate diversity?
10. Are the indoor and outdoor environments large enough to support a variety of activities?
11. Is the environment inviting, warm, and stimulating?
12. Is equipment provided to promote physical, cognitive, social, and emotional
13. Are safe and sanitary conditions maintained within the building and on the playground?
14. Are teacher-child interactions warm, frequent, and positive?
15. Are teachers using developmentally appropriate teaching strategies?
16. Are multicultural perspectives incorporated in the curriculum and classroom
17. Are families welcome to observe and participate?
18. Is sufficient equipment available for the number of children attending?
19. Does the climate in the center “feel” inviting and positive?
20. Do teachers meet with families regularly to discuss the child’s needs, interests, and
Figure 2.10 To help ease the parents’ stress in choosing child care for their children, you may wish to supply
them with this questionnaire.
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