Chapter 20
Elevations 431
Required Information 431
Elevation Identification Grade Line, Floors,
and Ceilings Walls, Windows, and Doors
Roof Features Dimensions, Notes, and Symbols
Drawing a Typical Wall Section 436
Procedure For Drawing an Elevation—
Manual Drafting 439
Procedure For Drawing an Elevation—
CADD 442
Internet Resources 446
Review Questions 447
Suggested Activities 447
Chapter 21
Residential Electrical 449
Electrical Terms 449
Service Entrance and Distribution Panel 450
Branch Circuits 452
Lighting Circuits Special Appliance Circuits
Individual Appliance Circuits
Circuit Requirement Calculations 454
Outlets and Switches 454
Outlets Switches
Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) 458
Low Voltage Exterior Lighting 459
Planning Low Voltage Exterior Lighting Low
Voltage Wiring Considerations
Internet Resources 462
Review Questions 462
Suggested Activities 463
Chapter 22
Information, Communication, and
Security Wiring 465
Introduction 465
Monitoring Functions Switching (Activating)
Functions Programming Functions
Communication/Recording Functions Alarm
Information and Communication Wiring 467
Signaling Circuits 467
Data and Video Conductors 468
Structured Wiring Radio Grade 6 Cable
Security Wiring 470
Systems to Protect Property Systems to Protect
Occupants and Property Wiring for Security
Home Automation 472
Types of Home Automation Systems Home
Automation Summary Questions
Low-Voltage Switching 479
Internet Resources 480
Review Questions 480
Suggested Activities 481
Chapter 23
The Electrical Plan 483
Required Information 483
Service Entrance Switches Convenience
Outlets Lighting Other Devices Branch
Procedure For Drawing an Electrical Plan—
Manual Drafting 487
Procedure For Drawing an Electrical Plan—
CADD 488
Internet Resources 490
Review Questions 490
Suggested Activities 490
Chapter 24
Residential Plumbing 491
Water Supply System 491
In-House Water Treatment Devices 495
Water and Waste Removal 495
Plumbing Fixtures 498
Water Conservation 498
Section VII
Plumbing, and
Climate Control
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