Room Planning—
Sleeping Area and
Bath Facilities
After studying this chapter, you will be able to:
Discuss factors that are important in the
design of bedrooms.
Plan the size and location of closets for a
typical residence.
Plan a furniture arrangement for a room.
List requirements to make a bedroom
accessible to the disabled.
Implement important design considerations
for bathrooms.
Plan a bathroom that follows solid design
List the requirements to make a bathroom
accessible to the disabled.
Key Terms
Areas of a Residence
A residential structure can be divided into
three basic areas: the sleeping area, living area,
and service area, Figure 7-1. The sleeping area
is where the family sleeps, rests, and bathes.
The living area is where the family relaxes,
entertains guests, dines, and meets together.
The living area is discussed in detail in
Chapter 8. The service area is the part of the
house where food is prepared, clothes are
laundered, goods are stored, the car is parked,
and equipment for upkeep of the house is
stored. The service area is discussed in
Chapter 9.
These three basic areas are generally
divided into rooms. Rooms provide privacy
and help to separate and contain various activ-
ities. A house designer must understand the
purpose for each room if a functional plan is to
be developed.
In addition to the purpose of the room, the
designer must know how the room will be used
and by whom. According to the report Americans
with Disabilities, 1997 P70-73 issued in February
2001 by the US Census Bureau, 2.2 million
people age 15 and older use a wheelchair and
another 6.4 million use a cane, walker, crutches,
or other aid. AARP, formerly called The
American Association of Retired Persons,
reports that there were 76 million Americans
over the age of 50 in 2000; 35 million over the
age of 65 according to the US Census. These
numbers are projected to double in the next few
years. Therefore, it is important to consider how
all areas of the home can be made accessible to
people with special needs, including the
disabled and elderly.
1/2 Bath
3/4 Bath
Full Bath
Ground Fault Circuit
Interrupter (GFCI)
Living Area
Ribbon Windows
Service Area
Sleeping Area
Split Bedroom Plan
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