120 Unit 2 Money and Regulation Apply Your Knowledge 16. Research the Federal Reserve Bank in your district. Write a summary including its location, the various areas or states that it covers, and any interesting facts you fi nd. 17. Perform an Internet search on the current condition of the US economy. Write a summary of your fi ndings, citing specific evidence to support your analysis. 18. Research the current discount rate. How long has it been in effect? Explain why you think it has or has not changed recently. 19. Visit www.federalreserve.gov. Write a report in which you identify the BOG members and describe their education and experience. Include a possible career plan for a high school senior planning to become a member of the BOG. 20. Research the national banks in your area. Create a chart in which you list each bank and the services that it provides due to its membership in the Federal Reserve System. If there are any differences between banks, consider some possible explanations for the discrepancy. Working in Teams Working with two or three classmates, research the Bank Panic of 1907. Use the information that you fi nd to prepare a presentation to the class in which you explain the following: how the bank panic started, what factors made the panic worse or better, the major fi nancial or political factors, some consequences of the bank panic, and how the situation was eventually solved. Present your fi ndings to the class, making sure to include time at the end of your presentation for questions. G-W Learning Companion Website Visit the G-W Learning companion website to complete the chapter pretest and posttest and to practice vocabulary using e-fl ash cards. www.g-wlearning.com/fi nance/
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