121 Chapter 5 Federal Reserve System Communication Skills Reading. contained in the text, write a report in which you analyze how the founders of the US responded to the idea of a central bank. Why did they support or oppose it? How do these rea- sons connect with other important events or ideas that were influential at this time in our country’s history? Cite specifi c fl evidence from the text and your research to support your understanding of this issue. Writing. Conduct a short research project to answer the question, “How does the Fed protect me as a consumer?” Using information from multiple sources, write a report on your response to this question. Community Service Project A community service project is a competitive event you might enter with your career and technical student organization (CTSO). This project is usually carried out by the entire CTSO chapter and spans an extensive number of months. There will be two parts of the event: written and oral. The chapter will designate several members to represent the team at the competitive event. To prepare for a community service project: 1. Contact the association immediately at the end of the state conference to prepare for next year’s event. 2. Go to the website of your organization for specifi c information. Visit the site often as information changes quickly. 3. Print a copy of the event so that you may highlight important information. 4. Read all the guidelines closely. These rules and regulations must be strictly adhered to or disqualifi cation can occur. 5. Ask your instructor for guidance in assigning roles to team members in order to execute the community project. 6. During regular chapter meetings, the plan for the project should be created based on direction from the CTSO. College and Career Readiness EVENT PREP EVENT V PREP PREP P
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