277 Chapter 11 Selling the Bank Review Your Knowledge On a separate sheet of paper or in a word processing document, match the following terms with the defi nition that fi ts best. A. marketing B. rapport C. event-based selling D. public image E. target market F. word-of-mouth advertising G. advertising H. promotion I. market segment J. cross-selling 1. Customers tell others about their experience with a specifi c business. 2. Marketing strategy that encourages bank representatives to contact a customer when an event occurs. 3. Process of introducing a product or service to the consumers who can purchase it. 4. Activity that increases consumer awareness of a product. 5. Bond of mutual trust. 6. Encourages existing customers to buy new products or services based on their previous purchases. 7. Group of consumers that share common wants and needs. 8. Made up of the ideas and opinions that people have about a business. 9. Activity that calls attention to a product or service. 10. Market segment that will be the focus of the marketing strategy. On a separate sheet of paper or in a word processing document, answer each of the following questions. 11. Describe the difference between a need and a want. 12. What distinguishes the members of a market segment from other consumers? 13. Name an event that could encourage a bank representative to contact a customer using event-based selling. 14. What are four aspects of a positive public image that banks strive for? 15. When does customer service begin?
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