278 Unit 4 Bank Management Apply Your Knowledge 16. Create a chart listing some needs and wants of consumers. In the second column, list the products or services that banks provide to satisfy these needs and wants. 17. Create a chart of target markets that a bank might identify. Indicate on the chart which markets you are included in or excluded from. 18. Using Figure 11-6, add a fourth column titled Customer Service That Exceeds Expectations. For each situation, list customer service behaviors that would exceed customer expectations. 19. Think about an occasion when you witnessed inappropriate customer-service behavior at any business. Write a short summary discussing the encounter and what you think should have been done differently. 20. With a classmate, take turns role playing a customer-service situation at a bank. Imagine you are a bank representative answering a customer’s questions about the savings accounts your bank offers. Ask your partner to rate your customer-service skills. Working in Teams Interview a classmate as if he or she were a client whose investment portfolio you manage. What information would you have to know about your client to understand what investments would be suitable? Create a pie chart that shows what percentage of your client’s investable income you would place in stocks, bonds, treasury securities, and other assets, such as real estate. Present the chart to your client and your class, giving the rationale behind your choices. G-W Learning Companion Website Visit the G-W Learning companion website to complete the chapter pretest and posttest and to practice vocabulary using e-fl ash cards. www.g-wlearning.com/fi nance/
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