279 Chapter 11 Selling the Bank EVENT PREP EVENT V PREP PREP P Communication Skills Speaking. Plan a marketing campaign based on increasing sales of an existing banking product or service. Using multiple types of visual and print displays, present your plan to the class. Ask your classmates to comment on the effectiveness of your marketing plan. Writing. Keep an eye out for bank advertisements that you encounter. These can be found on television, in magazines, on social networking sites, on billboards, and multiple other places. Start a jour- nal that documents where you found the advertisement, what was being advertised, who you think the target market for the advertisement is, and any aspects of the advertisement that contribute to the bank’s public im- age. Update your journal throughout the semester, being sure to include advertisements from multiple types of media sources. Financial Math Financial math is a competitive event you might enter with your career and technical student organization (CTSO). The fi nancial math event may include an objective test that includes banking topics. If you decide to participate in this event, you will need to review basic banking concepts to prepare for the test. To prepare for a fi nancial math event: 1. Read the guidelines provided by your organization. Make certain that you ask any questions about points you do not understand. It is important you follow each specifi c item that is outlined in the competition rules. 2. Review the checkpoint activities at the end of each section of the text. 3. Review the end-of-chapter activities for additional practice. 4. Ask your instructor to give you a practice test for each chapter of this text. It is important that you are familiar with answering multiple choice and true/false questions. Have someone time you as you take the practice tests. College and Career Readiness
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