Prepare for Your Future
The future is now. Discovering Careers will help you learn to succeed in school and in
your future career.
Practical information helps you prepare
for your future. Special features add realism
and interest to enhance your learning.
Ethics offers insight into ethical issues
with which you will be confronted as you
prepare for your future.
Go Green features in each chapter focus
on respecting, protecting, and preserving
the environment in school and the
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It is all about getting ready for college and
career. College and career readiness activities
address literacy skills to help prepare you for
future success.
•English/Language Arts standards for
reading, writing, speaking, and listening are
incorporated in Reading Prep activities, as
well as in end-of-chapter applications.
Career Ladder features present information
about potential career opportunities in the
16 Career Clusters. By studying these
careers, you can explore career possibilities
for your future.
•The ongoing Personal Achievement Plan
activity provides a project-based, hands-on
learning experience with real-world
applications. By completing a Personal
Achievement Plan, you will develop a route
to help you achieve your goals.
College and Career Readiness Portfolio
activities provide guidance to create a
personal portfolio for use when exploring
volunteer, education and training, and
career opportunities.
Discovering Careers
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