Amplify Your Learning
Content is presented in an easy-to-
comprehend and relevant format. Practical
activities provide everyday learning, which enables
you to experience real-life career situations and
•Each chapter opens with a pretest and concludes
with a posttest. The pretest will help you
evaluate your prior knowledge of the chapter
content. The posttest will help you evaluate what
you have learned after studying the chapter.
•The Essential Question at the beginning of each
section will engage you as you uncover the
important points presented in the content.
Activity fi les are downloadable hands-on
activities that provide opportunities to
authentically engage with technology and the
text material.
Career Clusters Handbook describes each of the
career clusters and pathways so that you can see at
a glance the many career options available to you.
A Math Skills Handbook provides you with a
quick reference for basic math functions. This
helpful information will help clarify math skills
that are presented in the chapters.
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Discovering Careers
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