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G-W Learning Companion Website
Technology is an important part of your world. So,
it should be part of your every day learning experiences.
G-W Learning for Discovering Careers is a study reference
that contains activity fi les, vocabulary exercises, interactive
quizzes, and more.
G-W Learning provides you with opportunities for
hands-on interactivity so you can study on the go. Look for
the activity icon in the text next to the following activities:
•Chapter pretests and posttests allow you to assess what you know before you begin the
chapter as well as evaluate what you have learned at the completion of your study.
E-fl ash cards and matching activities for every key term in each chapter will reinforce
vocabulary learned in the text and enable you to study on the go.
Goodheart-Willcox QR Codes
This Goodheart-Willcox product contains QR codes*, or quick response codes. These
codes can be scanned with a smartphone bar code reader to access pretests and posttests, as
well as e-fl ash cards and vocabulary practice. For more information on using QR codes and
a recommended QR code reader, visit G-W Learning.
*An Internet connection is required to access the QR code destinations. Data-transfer rates may apply. Check with your
Internet service provider for information on your data-transfer rates.
Discovering Careers
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