G-W Integrated Learning Solution
Discovering Careers
The G-W Integrated Learning
Solution offers easy-to-use resources for
both students and instructors. Digital and
blended learning content can be accessed
through any Internet-enabled device such
as a computer, smartphone, or tablet.
Students spend more time learning, and
instructors spend less time administering.
G-W Learning Companion
Website/Student Textbook
The G-W Learning
companion website
is a study reference
that contains e-fl ash
cards, vocabulary
exercises, interactive quizzes, and more!
Accessible from any digital device,
the G-W Learning companion website
complements the textbook and is
available to the student at no charge.
Visit www.g-wlearning.com.
Online Learning Suite
Available as a classroom subscription, the Online Learning Suite provides the
foundation of instruction and learning for digital and blended classrooms. An easy-to-
manage shared classroom subscription makes it a hassle-free solution for both students
and instructors. An online student text and workbook, along with rich supplemental
content, brings digital learning to the classroom. All instructional materials are found on a
convenient online bookshelf and are accessible at home, at school, or on the go.
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