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For the Student:
Student Textbook (print)
Student Workbook (print)
G-W Learning Companion Website (free)
Online Learning Suite (subscription)
Online Learning Suite/Student
Textbook Bundle
For the Instructor:
Instructor’s Edition of Student Textbook (print)
Instructor’s Presentations for
PowerPoint® (CD)
ExamView® Assessment Suite (CD)
Instructor’s Resources (CD)
Online Instructor Resources (subscription)
Online Learning Suite/Student Textbook Bundle
Looking for a blended solution? Goodheart-Willcox offers the Online Learning Suite
bundled with the printed text in one easy-to-access package. Students have the fl exibility
to use the print version, the Online Learning Suite, or a combination of both components
to meet their individual learning style. The convenient packaging makes managing and
accessing content easy and effi cient.
Online Instructor Resources
Online Instructor Resources provide all the support needed to make preparation and
classroom instruction easier than ever. Available in one accessible location, support materials
include Answer Keys, Lesson Plans, Instructor Presentations for PowerPoint®, ExamView®
Assessment Suite, and more! Online Instructor Resources are available as a subscription and
can be accessed at school or at home.
G-W Integrated Learning Solution
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