Chapter 10 Digital Citizenship
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Recall that plagiarism is claiming another person’s material
as your own. If you must refer to someone else’s work, follow
intellectual property laws to ethically acquire the information.
Use standard methods of citing sources. Citation guidelines in The
Chicago Manual of Style and the Modern Language Association’s MLA
Handbook can be helpful.
Piracy is the unethical and illegal copying or downloading of
software, fi les, and other protected material. Examples of protected
material include images, movies, and music. Piracy carries a heavy
penalty, including fi nes and time in prison.
A copyright acknowledges ownership of a work. Any use of
copyrighted material without permission is called infringement.
Copyrighted material is indicated by the © symbol or the statement
“copyright by.” Lack of the symbol or statement does not mean the
material is not copyrighted. A copyright can be registered with the
US Copyright Offi ce. Original material is protected whether or not
the copyright is registered.
Digital citizens respect their employer and only use office equipment for
business purposes.
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