Unit 2 Career Readiness
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Most information on the Internet is copyrighted. This means it
cannot be reused without permission from the owner. Sometimes,
the owner places the material on the Internet for others to reuse.
However, if this is not stated, assume the material is copyrighted
and cannot be freely used.
In some cases, individuals may wish to allow others to use
their intellectual property without permission. This type of use
assignment may be called copyleft. This is a play on the word
copyright. One popular method of allowing use of intellectual
property is a Creative Commons license. A Creative Commons
(CC) license is a specialized copyright license that allows free
distribution of copyrighted work. The creator can allow the
public to use, share, or advance his or her work. The creator
keeps the copyright, but controls how the work can be used.
For example, one type of Creative Commons license forbids
commercial use.
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Reusing material without permission, such as photocopying pages out of a
textbook, is unethical.
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